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According to Dr. Peter Schmidt, director of the Chichen Itza Archaeological Project since 1993, the Pre Hispanic site extends over 20 square kilometers. It is a disperse settlement of monumental groups connected with the center of the city through sacbes or causeways.

The center of the city is conformed of attached terraces. This is the most visited zone, the one that has drawn more attention in what refers to restoration and excavation.

There are several buildings in Chichen Itza that can be catalogued as monumental architecture. Most of these structures are distributed on a system of great levels, with squares in the central area, showing several changes and remodeling over the years when they were inhabited.

The great terrace is known as El Castillo, and the Patio de las Mil Columnas, (Yard of the Thousand Columns) as the Great Level. Both conform the greatest dimensions group.

An important feature of this Pre Hispanic city is the existence of a wall that surrounds the precinct of the Great Level. This is why this site is considered a fortified city.

At the center of the main square, El Castillo, the great Kukulkan pyramid, is located.

To the South, El Osario Platform, the Great Square of the Nuns and El Caracol, or the Observatory, are located.

At the Northwestern corner we find the Great Ball Court, the largest of Mesoamerica. The Temple of the Jaguars lies on its western wall.

Near the Great Courtyard, several platforms stand out, such as the Tzompantli and the Venus Platform, where the sacbe or causeway that leads to the Sacred Cenote begins. This natural well is 60 meters diameter, being its walls 22 meters height.

Craftsmanship offerings made of all kinds of materials, like stone, earthenware, metal, textiles and wood, among others, were part of the ceremonies that took place there.

To the East of the great terrace, the Temple of the Warriors, the Grandes Mesas Pyramid and an associated gallery yard are found.

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